Soccer Open Play Dates

AGES: 3rd Grade – High School – Boys and Girls

DATES: January 20th


All times are Boys and Girls.

8am – 10am: 3rd and 4th grade

10am – Noon: 5th and 6th grade

Noon – 2pm: 7th and 8th grade

2pm – 4pm: High School

Costs: $8 per person per 2 hour session.


Fields (2) short sided fields

Games will be 6 minutes

Rotate players after each game

Number of players on field is dependent on number of players available. The most number of players would be 5 v 5.

No Goalie

Teams will be randomly formed by staff.

No referees moderate games yourselves.

No slide tackling.

No cleats are allowed on the indoor fields, Indoor turf shoes.

Shin guards are required.

Please only play during your assigned age group. Players cannot play in 2 different sessions.

Games are friendly in nature. Any excessive fouls or unsportsmanlike conduct will result in immediate dismissal from the field.

Be courteous of other players on the field – not all players will be the same skill level.
Staff will monitor player’s ability level and then place them on a field with players at a similar age and ability level as much as possible. The staff on that field will continue to evaluate the players and may move players around to ensure they have the best possible experience.

Open play format is Soccer through play, not officiating and enforcing strict rules. We believe this helps teach important life skills, including leadership and communication. During all games, safety is our number one concern. Staff will step in as needed to monitor,  the game as well as keep games flowing smoothly, including handling  any behavioral issues.

2019-20 Youth/ High School Indoor Soccer League

AGES:                           U6 – High School – Boys and Girls

SESSION:                          1                      2                      3

DEADLINE:                 Sept. 16          Oct. 28              Jan. 6

STARTS WEEK OF:     Oct. 6              Dec. 1              Feb. 9

ENDS WEEK OF:        Nov. 10            Jan. 26            Mar. 15

GAMES:                       6 games        8 games          6 games

Recreational & Competitive Divisions!

YOUTH TEAM FEE:   $550                  $625               $550

YOUTH IND. FEE:      $55                      $65                 $55

HS TEAM FEE:            $650                   $725              $650

HS IND. FEE:                $65                     $75                $65

Individual Registration forms must be filled out by all team members.

Informational Flyer Individual Registration Form Team Registration Form

U6 Girls/Boys, U8 Girls/Boys, U10 Girls – Saturday

U10 Boys – Friday

U12 Boys – Monday

U12 Girls, U14 Girls – Thursday

U14 Boys – Tuesday

HS Boys, HS Girls – Sunday

2019-20 Adult Indoor Soccer League

SESSION:              1                                    2                                  3

DAY:                  Monday                    Wednesday                Wednesday                 

DEADLINE:    Oct. 1, 2019                Nov. 18, 2019              Jan. 29, 2020

START DATE: Oct. 21, 2019               Dec. 4, 2019              Feb. 12, 2020

END DATE:     Nov. 25, 2019               Feb. 5, 2020            March 18, 2020

GAMES:              6 games                        8 games                     6 games

TEAM FEE:           $650                              $725                           $650

INDIVIDUAL FEE:  $65                             $75                             $65

Multiple League Discounts are available for teams that play in more than 1 session:

2nd Session – $50 off team fee  3rd Session – $75 off team fee

Players on Field:  5 players plus a goalkeeper, Co-Rec is 6 plus a goalkeeper

Minimum number of players:  10 players on a team

Recreational and Competitive Leagues are available

Individual Registration forms must be filled out by all team members.

Informational Flyer  Individual Registration Form  Team Registration Form

Game Time Gym 3 v 3 Soccer Tournaments

Game Time Gym is offering 3 v 3 Indoor Soccer Tournaments for U8 through Adult Divisions.  These tournaments allow for individuals to compete in a smaller field, but faster paced environment. Get your team together and sign up for Game Time Gym’s 3 v 3 Soccer Tournament!! 

DATES:  November 23rd & 24th, 2019

March 7th & 8th, 2020

AFFILIATE:  3 V 3 Live National Soccer Tour

DIVISIONS:  U8, U10, U12, U14, U16, U18 & Adult– Boys and Girls

Age group eligibility determined by birth year

# PLAYERS:  SIX is the maximum number of players on a team.

            Three field players at one time.

                       There are no goalkeepers in 3 v 3 Soccer.

GAMES:  3 Game Guarantee

Fields will be 30yd x 25yd with wall -to- wall astroturf surface.

Games will consist of 12 min. halves. Awards will be given to winners in each division

Bownet Goals will be used

COST:  $100 per Team

DEADLINE:  Registration & Fee Due 2 Weeks Prior To Tournament

                        Nov. 9th and Feb. 22nd

Informational Flyer   Tournament Registration Form

2019-20 Individual Soccer Skills Training

Looking for a place to improve your soccer skills? Game Time Gym will be offering weekly individual soccer skills training with emphasis on getting maximum number of touches on the ball, playing all positions, and working on game-like situations.

SESSION:                  1                         2                          3

DEADLINE:        10/1/19             11/14/19              1/16/20

START:                10/10/19             12/5/19                1/30/20

END:                    11/21/19              1/23/20                3/5/20

No Class on October 31, 2019, December 26, 2019 and Jan 2, 2020

DAYS:            Thursdays

TIMES:       5:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m.

COST:     $70 per person for a 6 week session

INSTRUCTOR:  Ill. Fire Jrs Coaches

AGES:      Kindergarten – 6th grade boys and

Informational Flyer

Game Time Gym December Soccer Tournament

Game Time Gym offering 6 v 6 Indoor Competitive Soccer Tournaments for U10 and U12 Boys & Girls Divisions. Game Time is pleased to announce we have installed a new Astroturf field for the 2019-2020 season. Our field is one of the largest indoor open field play surfaces in downstate Illinois. Playing field is 180ft by 90ft. Get your team together and sign up for this Competitive Tournament!

DATE:     Girls  U12:                    December 22, 2019  One day tournament

                 Boys U10 & U12:          December 28 and 29, 2019  


DIVISIONS:              U12 Girls – 6 Max number of teams.

                                    U10 Boys – 8 Max number of teams.

                                    U12 Boys – 8 Max number of teams.

                                    Age group eligibility determined by birth year


# PLAYERS:                 6 v 6 plus a Keeper.


GAMES:       3 Game Guarantee

Fields 180ft by 90ft open field astroturf surface.

Games will consist of (2) 20 minute halves.

Awards will be given to winners in each division


COST:                          $250 per Team

                                    $4.00 spectator fee.  


DEADLINE:     Registration & Fee Due December 7th, 2019 For All Divisions And All Dates.

Max 6 for U12 girls and Max 8  teams per each boys division.  Registration filled based on first teams to register.